Important Information for Parents

Parent and Child with Teacher - Preston Creek Montessori in Plano, TX


Come visit us at Preston Creek Montessori! We are now enrolling for 2018! Ages 6 weeks to 6 years! We have an open door policy and welcome any interested families to come visit one of our beautiful campuses. Our dedicated staff would love to talk to you more. To fill out an enrollment application, please visit us at Preston Creek Montessori.
5040 Commonsgate Boulevard
Plano, Texas 75024


Fostering school spirit - instilling pride and unity

When students wear uniforms, it changes more than their look - it changes their outlook. PCM and PPMA School uniforms can be purchased at Academic Outfitters .
Uniforms instill pride. They help students feel like they're part of something important, and worthwhile. They foster school spirit, and they build unity. Rather than sorting themselves into cliques and groups through "fashion statements," students who wear uniforms can better see and appreciate one another as equals, and come together more readily as a cohesive community.
Those are powerful things. So perhaps it's no wonder that studies show uniform programs can have a profound effect on student behavior.

Lunch and Snack Menu


Healthy nutrition for our students

We offer healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and snacks (including kosher and vegetarian choices upon parents' request). We have an onsite cook that cooks all meals. We provide a hot breakfast, lunch, and two snacks throughout the day. Vegetarian and Halal options are always available, and we serve organic, rBGH free milk, fresh fruits, and vegetables! Also, our school is peanut and nut free!
See the front office for more information.